ReFresh Your Gut

food-focused program reducing inflammation, improving digestion, and inspiring beautiful, nourishing, everyday meals


Have you been feeling off? Seeking comfort foods? Stuck in undesirable habits? 

Craving a cleanse but know you need to make some intentional changes first


Commit to 21 days of inspiration and nourishment.



Yes! I'm Ready To Feel Better.

Easy To Adapt Recipes

Recipes focused on anti-inflammatory ingredients, offering grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nightshade-free, plant-forward options that can be adapted and varied based on your preferences. 

Shopping list suggestions. Ingredient sourcing tips to improve quality, assimilation, and flavor.

Video Demonstrations

Chef Shannon & Chef Rose bring you into their kitchens from the comfort of yours.

Offering demonstrations, tips, techniques, and insights into cooking delicious, nutrient-dense meals. Each demo is filled with prep and storage techniques. Build confidence in your kitchen with culinary skill and ingredient knowledge. 

Enhanced Healing

Additional techniques to reduce inflammation and open your channels of elimination.

Learn how to heal your gut, improve your ability to cleanse, and develop conscious habits, listening to your body's communication and making intentional choices most supportive for what you need.

Yes! I'm In!

In this program you will receive:

  • "Understanding Your Gut" guide & presentation, empowering you to know your signals, foods that trigger inflammation, and how to reduce symptoms through healing
  • Step by step guide & presentation to refreshing your gut by eliminating triggers, introducing healing foods and learning a variety of mindfulness practices.
  • Quick start reference guide & presentation to give you the confidence to start now.
  • 21 days of powerful content to walk you through beginning the process. Includes recipes, chef demos, prep techniques, ingredient highlights, and a daily practice outside of the kitchen to enhance your healing
  • Daily checklist to create intentionality around refreshing your gut and feeling your best
  • 21 day calendar highlighting a daily healing ingredient, recipes, and mindfulness
  • Additional guides for ingredient sourcing, shopping, and snacking recommendations
  • Options for what to do when you don’t feel like cooking, and guide to a daily routine to reduce stress
  • 21 Mindfulness & Self Care Practices such as yoga postures to aid digestion, breathwork, lymph drainage, stress reduction, and sleep support.
  • Introduction to opening your channels of elimination and how to properly prepare for a cleanse
  • Community support to help you along the way
  • Downloadable guides & recipes.
  • Program access to videos, presentations, and platform for 6 months to allow you to adjust and grow at your own pace. 

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Common is not normal. Your gut is talking to you.

Are you ready to feel better?

You deserve to have the tools and education you need to make informed and empowered decisions for your health.

You deserve guidance, encouragement, and positive energy around eating what makes you feel good. 

Healing your gut is not a quick fix, especially if you've been putting yourself last for years. You deserve a team of supporters encouraging you to eat beautiful, nourishing, healing foods.

In 21 days, you can correct your course, bring awareness to the fact that you can  feel better, and change your mindset to make nourishing YOU a priority.

Plus, you'll start owning your space as the holistic chef in your kitchen...and that's pretty spectacular, too.