Shannon Sadoski is a certified natural food chef, yoga & movement specialist, holistic lifestyle coach, and founder of Live Unprocessed.

She helps people seeking wellness to function at their highest level of health through high quality food, functional movement, and deep mindfulness.

The Studio

With a beautiful view of Versluis Lake, we offer movement & mindfulness classes at our spacious Yoga Studio. 

5270 Northland Dr NE, Suite D, Grand Rapids MI 49525


A variety of classes and programs available for Food, Movement, and Mindfulness.

Weekly classes available, series and drop in, small class sizes.

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Commit to aĀ dedicated functional movement practice that will awaken your creative spirit.

Virtual & In-Person Memberships Available


To truly live unprocessed, we first allow our true selves to shine outward.

We tap into our intuition, seek knowledge to support our path, and surround ourselves with a community that raises our collective vibration. Through food, movement, and mindfulness, we empower our bodies and minds to function at our highest level of health. Every day we eat for fuel, we move for function, and we tune into our intention and wisdom to guide us.

I'm Ready to Live Unprocessed!

About Shannon's Journey...

I’ve walked through many stages of the fitness and eating game - from being a junk food junkie who over exercised to cope with depression and anxiety to dedicating my adult life to studying functional movement and certifying as a natural food chef. Along my path, and what has led me here, has been navigating unexplained physical health issues and evolving my awareness of my personal mental health and the impact it’s played during different phases of my life. As a personal trainer, I witnessed the ever changing diet fads and the chaos and self-esteem destruction they cause. My life flipped upside down when the truth about my mental health, my habits, and everything I trusted to be “normal” shifted by asking the questions that I had buried deep in my soul.

My health has evolved, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When I found the knowledge I was seeking and when I finally allowed myself to tune in and listen to my intuition, I began to take action to make the changes I needed to live unprocessed.

I want walk next to you as you move through this life embracing your intuition and discovering how to live unprocessed.

I'm Ready to Live Unprocessed




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5270 Northland Dr NE, Suite D, Grand Rapids MI 49525

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