One on One & Small Group Sessions

Our instructors hold decades of experience and a wide variety of trainings, knowledge and specialties.

Choosing to work one-on-one with an instructor allows for you to experience a customized session tailored to your needs. Your instructor will listen to your concerns and evaluate the most efficient steps to help you move forward

While sessions can be purchased individually, we recommend investing in a package of 5 or 10 sessions for the best value and results through consistency.

Each instructor's specialties are highlighted below. Visit the instructor's individual page for more details and to book your session.

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Strength & Mobility

Whether from a previous injury, postnatal, aging, or tightness from sitting too much… our bodies change often, and we notice when they do or don’t work like they used to. These sessions bring attention and INTENTION to rehabilitating and strengthening the body. It’s all about learning about how to accomodate (not resist!) the body as things change—and that includes mindset.

Holding Space

The Holding Space is a nourishing one-on-one for breathing and gentle intentional assisted stretching and movements. You’ll decompress your nervous system and open the heart to receive love and healing. When Sasha gently moves and adjusts the body for you, you’ll notice that you can relax the mind as you aren’t having to physically or mentally “put in work”. This is the perfect practice to heal the body by letting yourself be held and nourished. 

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Gentle Yoga

All bodies benefit from intentional, nourishing movement. Expect a slower pace offering time to focus on alignment, muscular awareness, balance, & flexibility approachable for all levels, whether it’s your 1st time, you’ve recently recovered from injury, or you’re well seasoned, looking to feel good.

Pelvic Floor Yoga

Our pelvic floor (or pelvic diaphragm) health is the foundation of our well-being! This yoga practice is designed to help you identify and isolate the muscles of the pelvic floor. Learning to relax is just as important as learning to contract when it comes to all muscle groups in the body including the pelvic floor.

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Restorative Yoga

Offering space for your body to relax and restore, Christy utilizes props to maximize support in postures focused on opening space and grounding your nervous system. Essential oils may be offered to enhance your session.  

Gentle Hatha Yoga

With focus on alignment, pranayama (breath practice), and slow, nourishing movements, these sessions help improve flexibility and strength while offering support to the overstimulated or imbalanced nervous system.

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Foundations/Restorative Yoga

Develop postural awareness and an understanding of foundational yoga poses. Connect to your body’s proprioception and learn skills to advance your practice. Using props, Kevin will assist you in finding comfort in postures that allow for deep relaxation. 

Sound & Meditation

Implementing a variety of techniques, including visualization, sensory, sound, breathing practices & more, connect to yourself on a deeper level. Great for both stress release and pursuit of manifesting your highest good. Tibetan sound techniques may be offered to further support tension release.

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Private Meditation & Sound

Megan offers Sound Therapy or Vibrational Medicine using a variety of instruments, vocals, rhythms, and tones. Sound healing can slow down your respiratory rate, relax your brainwaves patterns, lower your heart rate variability and calm your nervous system. Megan combines her sound therapy with her passion for story, utilizing visualizations in her meditations to take you on a journey focused on your custom needs.

Group Experiences

Megan offers a variety of small or large group sound experiences both as a solo practitioner and in collaboration with many other specialties. Some of her offerings include Cacao & Sound, Acupuncture & Sound, Women's Circles, Restorative or Gentle Yoga & Sound, Group Meditations, and Reiki infused experiences.