Support for Allergies & Upper Respiratory System



Are you dealing with Seasonal Allergies?

The weather begins to shift and suddenly, you find yourself with a runny nose, sneezing, itchy or watery or irritated eyes?

Do you experience respiratory symptoms when you change your environment?

Congestion or mucus? Itchy or scratchy throat? Feeling sluggish or your body is achy or heavy?

All of these symptoms are communication from your body that it's asking for a little more support while working hard to regain balance. Your body is working on overdrive because your bucket is overflowing

The most important things that are often missed when considering seasonal or environmental allergies involve: 

  1. Your overall foundation ~ how much is your body currently "working on" before the additional invaders are introduced
  2. Your channels of elimination ~ how well can your body get rid of the extra burdens?
  3. Your immune efficiency ~ how powerful is your immune system to rid the invaders and build up a tolerance and...
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A Path To Support + 7 tips for supplementing

You can’t out supplement a poor lifestyle

This statement will always ring true. 

If you’re familiar with my story, you know I’ve walked many paths towards holistic health. 

From living in a constant state chronic & acute illness and leaning on buckets of OTC meds, antibiotics, and occasional steroid injections when those couldn’t calm the storm

To dropping everything -cleansing my system and life of the daily chemicals - from food, skin & hair care, cleaning products, you-name-it. 

I even eliminated anything that remotely resembled any kind of supplement. If it wasn’t whole food based and mostly in its original form before I used it, it wasn’t part of my routine.


Your life is a cycle of lessons.


And for me, learning from experience - and often extremes, offers the most valuable feedback to truly understand your why behind your choices and where balance comes together.


My first...

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EFT: *Tapping* To Release Stress


What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping, is a method of using focused thoughts combined with stimulating acupressure points in order to reduce the body’s cortisol levels and stress response. Emotional health and stress levels are both strongly connected to physical health. Using this technique can offer relief from emotional stress as well as physical ailments, with benefits that can be recognized both immediately and with consistent practices over time. 


How Does It Work?

Tapping combines the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (acupressure) and modern psychology.

By focusing the mind on your stressor, whether that be anxiety about a specific situation or the pain of a migraine, while simultaneously stimulating points along your meridian lines, signals your body to relax, reducing your cortisol levels (stress hormones). 

More specifically, tapping on the acupressure points along your meridians sends a signal to your...

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Unlock The Power Of Herbs

Nature ~ fierce, calming, vibrant, quiet. An undeniable mirror of life. Nature provides an abundance of resources. And as life gains speed, it’s easy to overlook or breeze right past exactly what you need to balance your system as it grows right beside your mailbox 

The current norm in lifestyle doesn’t hold space for appreciating the gifts of nature and all their uses. Identifying herbs and knowing how to use them is a skill often lost among generations.

And yet nature has its way of reminding you by subtle yet breathtaking displays that stop you in your tracks, even for a moment, filling you with a mesmerizing inspiration that warms you from the inside and invigorates the sensation of your own heart beat.

And if you’ve been blessed to awaken early enough to witness the slow rise of the sun casting delicate yet powerful rays against the stable and awe-inspiring mountain range, you too can feel alpenglow in your soul.

Our friend, Rachel...

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Open to Receive

Do you tend to feel rushed, depleted, overworked, achey, exhausted

Are you constantly in the hustle or striving for your desires?

Does part of you feel pride in being the one that “gets things done” but often feel under-appreciated?

Are you experiencing recurring symptoms of chronic fatigue, overuse injuries, or frequent acute illnesses like colds, sinus infections, UTIs, constipation, migraines, or flared up allergies?

If you’re raising your hand or even giving me a  “well…maybe?” to any of these, then it’s time to check in on your energetic alignment.

In my last blog about sound healing, you were introduced to the fact that everything, including you and your thoughts, are made of energy and your energy is vibrating at a frequency. Get ready to take this and your vibration to the next level.


What does it mean to be open to receive?

Let’s use a tiny piece of my story to illustrate this concept

This is my...

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The Sounds of Healing

 Did you know that everything is made up of frequency….including you

All of life vibrates. It’s the law of nature.

Solids, liquids, and gas vibrate. Sound vibrates. Words vibrate. Thoughts vibrate. Your energy vibrates. These vibrations create waves (frequency) which intermingle and balance.

I used to be the person blaring loud music to improve my moods. In my car. At my job. While I’m at home cleaning. During all social gatherings. Lil Wayne, Tiesto, the occasional Bieber. 

The beat inspired me to move. And about 50% of the time, the lyrics seemed relatable - sort of. My vibration shifted because of the energy surrounding me. My natural inclination to follow the rhythm and dance further shifted my frequency.

All of this occurred naturally without having a clue about the power of sound. 

Fast forward-

My life is unofficially divided into many phases, but the two most prominent; before my dad died by suicide and after

Shortly after...

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Harnessing the Energy of the Sun ☀️

As you slowly begin the descent from the peak of the summer solstice, you might be wondering, how do I hold on to this

How do I store all of the energy, the beauty, the freedom, the feeling of summer far past the brevity of the season? How do I hold onto the uplifting glow on gloomy days or as the daylight slowly shortens

Maybe these questions linger in the back of your mind…or maybe you don’t even consider these thoughts until well into September. Either way, I’m here to tell you that now is the time to absorb the true abundance of the summer sun.

If you take just a few steps to consume the goodness the sun brings, your efforts will sustain you well past this short season and nourish you into fall and winter.


These 5 simple steps are key to harness and maintain the summer sun within you:


Absorb the Sun (& Ditch the Chemical Sunscreen) 

The easiest way to capture the power of the sun is to absorb the rays through...

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What Does it Mean to "Live Unprocessed?"

That’s a great question.  And I can’t answer it for you.

Weird, right? Let me explain…

First, let’s break it down. 

To live: to have life, as an organism; be alive; be capable of vital functions: to practice, represent, or exhibit in one's life: to live one's philosophy.

Unprocessed: not having undergone a process to preserve or purify

Hmmm, okay? Let me continue by asking you this...

Are you alive? Like really, truly alive? Practicing, functioning, representing, and exhibiting your philosophy in a way that's completely raw, authentic, without being preserved or purified by someone or something else’s process?

It’s a deep question….and I can only answer from my perspective in hopes to offer you the spark to explore the way you define your own meaning. Because ultimately, though this is my chosen business name, this question, “What does it mean to live unprocessed?” isn’t a question for me. It’s...

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