Community Acupuncture

How Does It Work?

A custom tailored acupuncture treatment in a relaxed, community setting. 
Imagine a relaxed environment, gazing out at the lake, while you allow your acupuncture treatment to take effect.
Sit with a friend, among community, or close your eyes and rest for 30-60 minutes ~ fully empowered to choose the length of your session based on how you feel and your availability.
You will receive acupuncture next to others, in a soothing atmosphere in the community room. 

This is how acupuncture is routinely administered in many Asian countries. 
Community Acupuncture gets back to the root of how acupuncture was originally meant to be practiced.

 Next Available Date:

Tuesday, April 2nd 
Tuesday, April 23rd


The Experience

The treatment room will contain 4 zero-gravity chairs for patients. 
Quiet music playing the the background.
Rachael will intake patients in 15  minute increments, greeting you outside a closed door upon arrival. She will then briefly listen to your chief concern, take your pulse on both wrists,
and look at your tongue.
After initial assessment, she will guide you into the treatment room to an open chair,
place the needles (anywhere from 8-15), and let you rest for 30-60 minutes.

Community Acupuncture sessions: $45

*Acupuncture is eligible for use with HSA programs

*Appointment times available in 15 minute increments.

The beauty of community acupuncture is that you can be done when you’re ready with a quick wave or hand raise.  Otherwise, you’re free to relax as long as your chair is not needed by the next patient!

Other guidelines and tips to prepare you for your experience:

  • Keep talking to a minimum – this is to maintain a reservoir of calm in the
    treatment space. If you’d like to have a substantial conversation with the practitioner, please schedule a one-on-one or private group appointment.

  • Bring items that will make you feel comfortable and supported – favorite pillows or blankets from home (yoga blankets will be available for use), earplugs or headphones in case anyone around you falls asleep and snores.

  • Plan to arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment time to complete a short intake form and informed consent.

  • Prepare to enjoy a basic and efficient session focused on your chief concern. This is not the opportunity for lengthy conversations about your
    entire health history, in-depth discussion about how acupuncture works, what your pulses indicate, or what every point does. Many patients are interested in these topics, and desire to go deeper. 
    For the opportunity to learn more, schedule a one-on-one appointment at her office in Rockford where she can solely focus on you & dive deeper, or attend one of Rachael’s quarterly classes on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Racheal will need access to your elbows and knees. Tank tops and button-down shirts are helpful.

  • Refrain from using electronic devices. Cell phones are discouraged from entering the treatment room and/or during treatment. If you have a special concern where your cell phone or electronic device (including smart watches) need to be present, please let us know in advance.

Is Community Acupuncture for You?

Increasing awareness and accessibility to the healing powers unlocked by the traditional and age-old practice of acupuncture.
People often think of acupuncture as being effective for complex, difficult, or uncommon problems with which western medicine has limited success.
Unfortunately, this contributes to the perception of acupuncture as a medicine of last resort, or that acupuncture is somehow miraculous in its effects.
Sometimes this does appear to be the case, but the truth is:
acupuncture is miraculous only in so much as the human body is self-healing.
Only once balance is allowed to be restored and invasive therapies reduced does the body perform its own miracles.
Acupuncture is straightforward and well suited for all manner of ordinary concerns; and notably, it is helpful in some important general ways that can benefit just about everyone.
Acupuncture has an overall effect of reducing stress and boosting normal function. With regular treatments, acupuncture can assist the body in improving: 
*energy level
*mental clarity
You don’t have to have a specific problem, per se, to get acupuncture; it’s a great form of preventative care.
Most people fall asleep when they get acupuncture and awaken rejuvenated and refreshed.
As a licensed practitioner of acupuncture and oriental medicine, Rachael will provide safe, clean, and simple acupuncture treatments that are safe for all participants. 

About Rachael:

Rachael Tax is a board-certified and licensed practitioner of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. An Army veteran and native of Fremont, she has returned to her West Michigan roots to offer this special therapy to the local community. Oftentimes a fervent career in non-conventional medicine begins with one’s success as a patient of that medicine. This was the case for Rachael. Nearly ten years ago she dove deeply into the idea of “food as medicine” and holistic healing to overcome a personal health struggle. Moreover, acupuncture was instrumental to her military-to-civilian transition after eight years in the active duty Army. Rachael knew that Oriental medicine was her next calling. Coupled with her propensity for listening and genuine care for patients, Rachael has found true joy in this profession
The applications of acupuncture and Oriental medicine are nearly limitless. Rachael has a passion for internal conditions, especially those pertaining to the gastrointestinal system, women’s health, sleep, and stress. She has experience treating a wide array of musculoskeletal complaints, from osteoarthritic knees, to chronic or acute low back pain, stiff neck, and frozen shoulder. Additionally, Rachael holds a certification in cosmetic acupuncture and is pleased to offer safe, relaxing, and non-invasive facial rejuvenation protocols.
Rachael practices out of Hazelnut Naturopathic Health in Rockford.