Acupuncture & Sound

Acupuncture & Sound Bath

*these workshops will be in place of Nada Yoga Group Meditation
Create space to deepen your relaxation experience and open healing channels within the body by combining Acupuncture and Sound Bath. 
Join Megan Smit & Rachael Tax for evening sessions this summer to receive a blissful relaxation experience. Megan will lead  with a body awareness meditation guiding participants to grounding while Rachel places several acupuncture points along the face & ears. Once the acupuncture points are placed, Megan will create an immersive Sound Bath experience designed to send sound waves through the needles to deepen the experience. 
As a licensed practitioner of acupuncture and oriental medicine, Rachael will provide safe, clean, and simple acupuncture treatments that are safe for all participants. 
Space is limited. 

***Yoga Mats & Blankets will be provided. You may bring your own for your own comfort. ***

About Megan:

Megan Smit comes from a lineage of healers, both indigenous and immigrant to North America. Ceremonies that enliven and align the mind, body, and spirit have long been a part of her life. Megan found her voice for guiding women when she became a Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix with Goddess Ceremony and she dove deeper into the healing frequencies of story and song during a 100hr Sound Ceremony training. Megan works at The Remedy House, her family’s wellness center in Grand Rapids, MI where she offers Sound Healing, Reiki, and Yoni Steaming. She also is a part of a kirtan band called Chants for Peace that hosts monthly public chanting meditations.


About Rachael:

Rachael Tax is a board-certified and licensed practitioner of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. An Army veteran and native of Fremont, she has returned to her West Michigan roots to offer this special therapy to the local community. Oftentimes a fervent career in non-conventional medicine begins with one’s success as a patient of that medicine. This was the case for Rachael. Nearly ten years ago she dove deeply into the idea of “food as medicine” and holistic healing to overcome a personal health struggle. Moreover, acupuncture was instrumental to her military-to-civilian transition after eight years in the active duty Army. Rachael knew that Oriental medicine was her next calling. Coupled with her propensity for listening and genuine care for patients, Rachael has found true joy in this profession
The applications of acupuncture and Oriental medicine are nearly limitless. Rachael has a passion for internal conditions, especially those pertaining to the gastrointestinal system, women’s health, sleep, and stress. She has experience treating a wide array of musculoskeletal complaints, from osteoarthritic knees, to chronic or acute low back pain, stiff neck, and frozen shoulder. Additionally, Rachael holds a certification in cosmetic acupuncture and is pleased to offer safe, relaxing, and non-invasive facial rejuvenation protocols.
Rachael practices out of Hazelnut Naturopath Health in Rockford.