with Sam Kalawart

Breathwork with Sam Kalawart 

Saturday, April 15th  10:30a-12p

Experience Conscious Breathwork for nervous system healing in this 90min workshop! This will be a grounding session to calm your body, mind and nervous system.

Dropping back into a parasympathetic nervous system will lower cortisol (the stress hormone), decrease inflammation, increase feelings of inner-peace and allow you to feel safe in your body.

No matter the session theme, you can come with your own intentions. The wisdom of your breath and body will release what's ready to come through.

In this transformative session, Sam will guide you through a journaling exercise, a grounding meditation, a conscious breathwork journey, followed by rest & grounding.


What is Breathwork Healing?

Breathwork is an incredibly powerful healing modality that can facilitate deep emotional, psychological and physical cleansing. A transformational technique that can ignite intense inner exploration through entering into a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

In a session you are guided through a specific, controlled and accelerated way of consciously breathing. This is a circular, connected breathing pattern that allows you to access the subconscious, along with repressed memories & emotions being stored in the body.

Combined with evocative music, and guided ques this breathwork triggers a profound emotional and physical release. It’s one of the oldest, most direct and powerful tools to reset the nervous system and support your body’s natural ability to heal at all levels.

**This modality of breathwork is not intended for those that are pregnant.
This workshop will have limited attendance and will be offered at the Live Unprocessed Studio

What to Bring:

A yoga mat, 2 blankets, a pillow, eye mask, a journal to write with and a water bottle. Dress comfortably and be sure not to have anything too heavy in your belly.

**We have extra mats & props for comfort, but you are welcome to bring your own comfort support items as you desire.**

About Sam:

Sam Kalawart is a three-time Certified Breathwork Facilitator with 200+ hours of teacher training and the Host of the Heal Podcast. She is also trained in Yoga Nidra Meditation, Energy Therapy and Nutrition. Sam creates an experience in transformative healing using spiritual teachings, conscious breathwork, somatic integration & meditation for her students. Deeply passionate for this work, Sam has guided thousands of breathers 1:1, in workshops and international retreats through their own empowered transformation for the last 6 years.