Cacao & Sound 

 Cacao & Sound Experience
Sunday February 11th, 2023

Warm your heart and soul with traditionally served ceremonial cacao alongside an immersive storytelling, sound bath and meditation experience.
Join Megan & Dan Smit of Wave Tone Studio for a cacao & sound experience centered in sweet soulful storytelling complete with crystal bowls, tingshas, ocean drum, and a harmony of soothing instruments and voices.  Melt into the elements and allow your heart space to glow in gratitude. 
All are welcome 13+
Space is limited. 

Bring your own mug for the Cacao Ceremony. 

***Yoga Mats & Blankets will be provided. You may bring your own for your own comfort. ***

About Megan:

Megan Smit comes from a long lineage of healers, both indigenous and immigrant to North America. Mindful practices that enliven and align the mind, body, and spirit have long been a part of her life. Megan found her voice for meditation, music, and storytelling while training as a Reiki Master, Women’s Circle Creatrix, 100hr Sound Ceremony, and through apprenticing with mentors. She offers a private audiovisual creative wellness practice including Sound Healing, Reiki, Photography, Website Design, and weekly Meditation classes all based in Grand Rapids, MI.


About Dan:

Dan Smit is a West Michigan singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is exploding into the musical scene with his dynamically energetic performances. His original music sweeps a wide array of influences, resulting in thoughtful and evocative pop rock that is guaranteed to excite crowds of all ages and interests. His interest in sound spans throughout his whole life and combined with his wife Megan Smit, they create peaceful, ambient, and nourishing sound experiences for the soul.  


About Cacao:

Cacao is sacred plant medicine for the heart. This means that physically, emotionally, and spiritually this plant opens the pathways of the heart to flow freely. Pure Ceremonial Cacao is harvested sustainably and ethically from indigenous people who have been stewards of this medicine since the beginning. Our Cacao offering comes from villages surrounded by jungles and volcanoes in the Lake Atitlán region of Guatemala.