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A slowed down & intentional flow-style class.

It still incorporates the fundamentals like Sun Salutations, but includes longer holds in postures. 

You’ll still be invited & encouraged to move with your breath and offered moments of meditation/mindfulness in each class.

You’ll always be offered options for different levels of accessibility.


A class for strengthening and lengthening!

Using a few props (we provide) you’ll have the chance to move and breath through some yoga movements, sprinkled in with traditional mat- pilates movements.

You’ll stretch AND feel the burn in those muscles in the very best way, and leave feeling refreshed and strong.

You’ll always be offered options for different levels of accessibility.


This class is breath + movement focused.

You’ll be guided to explore your own intuition as you move and center. You’ll learn a sequence of postures and be offered the space to move through the poses with your breath, at your own pace.

It requires you to trust and challenge yourself, and you’ll end up feeling refreshed and invigorated by making space in the body and the mind for the movements.

A moment of mindfulness/meditation in each class. 


This class is breath + movement focused, and is the fastest-pace class on the schedule.

You’ll move through traditional Sun Salutations to warm up the body and connect with the breath, and be led through through a series of movements that bring flow and focus to your practice.

You’ll always be offered options for different levels of accessibility. 


Gentle practice offers lots of accommodation and options for accessibility to get into postures.

Gentle Class is all about helping everyone find the version of the postures that work for their bodies! You’ll explore the fundamental postures as well as working into the more challenging classes:

and we look forward to assisting everyone as they figure out how to meet their needs!

Perfect for gaining more stability and flexibility, too!


Just like it sounds: Restorative is all about accommodating different levels and needs.

Throughout this class, you’ll get to use lots of our studio props!

With assistance from blocks and bolsters and blankets, you can explore your comfort and flexibility in different postures.

You’ll spend more time enjoying each pose. As the pose becomes more comfortable for the body, the mind can also come to a place of rest.

You’ll leave feeling restored.


This class will have elements of pranayama, asana & meditation.

You will flow through a sequence of postures at a moderate to slow pace, taking longer holds in certain poses, promoting focus on the breath, & gaining strength & flexibility.

"Ha" is translated to the Sun, and "Tha" to the Moon. One goal of Hatha Yoga is to balance the sun & moon energy in the body.


Bring your little one to this class!

We focus on the post-partum journey, and offer the space to bring a community of new mothers together to move and breathe.

The movements and postures will be accommodating and gentle for the body, too. 


We believe caring for and accommodating the mother’s body during her pregnancy is so important!

You’ll experience postures that nourish a body through every step of pregnancy, as well as connecting with a community of mothers-to-be.

There will be lots of props (bolsters, blankets, and blocks) to make sure we can get your changing and growing body into the stretches that help alleviate tight hips and nurture the low back.


Nada is the Sanskrit word for "sound" or "tone." Many yogis believe that Sound is the hidden energy that connects the outer and inner cosmos.

Nada yoga, or nada philosophy, is based on the premise that the entire universe consists of “Nada” sound vibrations. 

Our evening Nada experience involves peaceful low lighting and beautiful sound experience–meditating alongside one another is a truly beautiful experience.


In this slow-flow style class, you’ll be invited to connect with your breath and then be led through Sun Salutations and a sequence that includes some longer holds in your postures.

Two teachers are present at every class to guide you through a flow and offer adjustments to help with alignment, posture deepening, and relaxation.

The class ends with restorative postures & includes meditation and mindfulness.


This hybrid class includes a series of postures that move more quickly in the beginning of class to warm up the muscles and tissues.

Then the class transitions to some longer held “yin” postures.

In Yin yoga, poses are held anywhere from 1-3 minutes each…giving you plenty of time to soak up the benefits of deeper stretches and using the breath to find stillness. 


A traditional dynamic vinyasa practice following a specific sequence of movements.

This practice begins with sun salutations A & B, followed by a standing sequence. We move into the primary sequence and touch on select postures from the intermediate sequence. 

These postures are linked together as a vinyasa, movement with breath. As you flow through, you build heat in the body. The sequence is designed to stretch & strengthen your body. 

Ashtanga Yoga brings significant growth & discipline to your yoga practice. 


Just like it sounds: a class that is all about Alignment.

This class will utilize loads of props: blocks, straps, chairs, and the wall to help encourage your awareness of your body & proper form in yoga. 

A great way to build fundamentals & to deepen your awareness of each pose.


In this class you'll practice yoga asana (postures) while sitting on a chair or using the chair for balance while standing. 

Chair yoga increases flexibility, mobility, strength, circulation, posture and postural awareness, lung capacity, improves balance and relieves stress. 

This series is open to all and is suitable for seniors, beginners, mamas, young women, post menopausal, males, those recovering from injury or surgery, or those with balance concerns or disabilities. 


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