Free Movement: Express Yourself! 

We believe movement is medicine, and movement has so many different forms. 

This time is set aside as an opportunity to move the shapes of your body, release, express yourself, and experience the joy of free movement. You can dance, sway, twirl, jump, shake, lay down, do a yoga flow...whatever you feel led to express! We invite you to come as you are, and do whatever the music moves you to do.

There will be no "instruction" per-se, but Sasha is will be holding space for you and welcoming you (and pumping the jams!) in to your time of free movement.

Free Movement is Friday, September 8th from 6:30p-8p
$20 (included for members) 


What to expect:

First things first: There are no requirements for age, skill level, or for the movement to be "aesthetic". Everyone will be moving in their own way + doing their own thing.

You'll be barefoot/sock footed in the studio space, and the lights will be low, so there's no need to feel like you're in the spotlight. 

We will gather and make some introductions, and then the music will play, and you'll move however you'd like to. 

We encourage you to wear comfortable loose clothing and bring some water. There will be chairs available for resting.

You're welcome to bring a friend or partner to twirl and move with, but coming solo is perfectly welcome + encouraged.

We invite humans from all generations and walks of life to join us in this time of joy-filled movement + expression.


About Sasha

Sasha has been dancing since she was young, and always loved how carefree + joyful she felt when she could move freely. She loves self expression and is passionate about celebrating each person for who they are.

She has been working within the health, movement, mindfulness, and yoga modalities on varying and expanding levels since 2009.

As a teacher in our studio, Sasha focuses on using yoga as a vessel for students to tap into their whole person. Because of her own transformational experiences, she believes the yoga mat is where we can tap into our intuition, acknowledge fears, and are liberated and healed as we move and breathe.