Group Breathwork Journey for Women

About Event:

Women's Group Breathwork Journey 
Wednesday, July 20  6:30p-8:45p
Thursday, Aug 18  6:30p-8:45p

*Early bird pricing $35: Use code EARLYBIRD by July 6th/Aug 4th
**Limited space available.
***No refunds for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance.
"Breathwork is an experiential practice and self-healing modality that uses a circular breath breathing pattern to access expanded states of consciousness, while simultaneously unlocking repressed emotions and clearing stagnant energy from the mind, body and spirit. It can further help us to establish new neural pathways in the brain and cultivate deeper emotional and relational intelligence to embody in our lives." ~ Elaina
Join Elaina for this group breathwork journey for women!

In this experience you'll have the chance to heal patterns of dissociation, express yourself in totality, and create freedom from the inside out using conscious connected breathwork.  

Elaina will create a sacred and safe container with powerful music + sound, guidance, and supportive touch. These cathartic sessions are designed to guide you deep into the body and subconscious mind to elevate your consciousness, regulate your nervous system, and help unearth lodged emotions and trauma.

This workshop will have limited attendance and will be offered at the Live Unprocessed Studio

**We have extra mats & props for comfort, but you are welcome to bring your own comfort support items as you desire.**

About Elaina:

Elaina is a trauma informed breathwork practitioner & embodiment guide. She's been leading in the wellness world for 8 years now, and holds multiple certifications in yoga, breathwork, feminine embodiment arts, and somatic approaches to trauma. She's incredibly passionate about helping people feel a full range of emotions in a safe container & believes that the healing you're seeking lies within the body and breath.