Hands-On Yoga

Experience Your Alignment Through Slow Flow With Assisted Touch.

3 week series: Dec 13 - Dec 27
Tuesdays 5:45p-6:45p • $20/class
*Included for members. Pre-registration required.

Many new and veteran yogis wish for a more hands-on experience when they practice, to help strengthen or deepen postures or to help with alignment cues.

Also called adjustments—the hands-on assists are a great opportunity to learn how to get more from your poses, to deepen the relaxing postures, and to build new strength and awareness of your body that carries throughout your various classes during the week.


What can I expect to experience?

There will be two teachers available to lead and offer adjustments throughout each class.

During this slow-flow practice, there will be ample time for the teachers to walk around and offer adjustments within postures to address individual mobility and alignment variations. Hands on assists offer light pressure, guiding your body gently by using touch as a gauge for your own proprioception. 



We are excited to offer this class for 4 weeks in November, using this to gauge interest as we set our schedule for 2023.


As an added bonus, plan to stay for the Nada Yoga Group Meditation starting at 7p. Similar to Yoga Nidra, experience deep relaxation after your asana practice,  connect mind, body, & spirit and taking your yoga practice to a new level.

About Sasha:

As the lead for this series, Sasha will create the theme and intention for each practice. Sasha’s laid back, encouraging, and grounding nature will anchor this hands-on experience in both curiosity, intuition, and confidence.

Connecting with her co-instructor, Sasha will offer hands-on assists as well as contribute to guiding your slow flow experience.

Sasha’s expertise in intuitive vinyasa, assisted stretching, and kinesiology provides the perfect balance of guidance, hands-on assists, and intuitive inspiration leading you to find your deepest alignment.

About Denkenesh:

Denkenesh Lees is a Reiki & Zero Balancing practitioner. She will be present in each practice to offer and added element of touch through the perspective and power of her energetic and body work based healing modalities.
Denkenesh's Philosophy:
I believe that stepping into your power is something we all long for but might seem hard to reach. Maybe we even brush it off because life just got busy. We all have the capability to reach that part of ourselves if we just take a pause. 
Throughout the course of my ongoing zero balancing experiences I have been able to tap into that level of myself and continue to have numerous breakthroughs. My goal is to be able to hold space for any individual who would like to explore that version of themselves. Additionally, I would like to show people that it is possible no matter what your limiting beliefs are and to show by example. 
During a session you get the chance to let go from everything and connect within. Something we don’t often get a chance to do. A simple disconnect from the external world so that when it’s time to go back out you have more vitality and powerful energy. When you trust in the power of zero balancing, your healing journey will reach a beautiful and profound level.