Heart Space

Heart Space- An intentional community-book club

Sundays 5p-5:45p • 
$20 monthly member or $7/session
*Pre-registration encouraged.


Together, this intentional group will read through books that are heart-forward. Encouraging a deeper dive into the heart space, and into each individual spiritual journey. We love community and want to create a space for intentional conversation and connection.


What can I expect to experience?

The book will be chosen and the timeline will be decided accordingly. 1 book for 6-10 weeks is the goal. There will be assigned chapters as well as encouraged reflections and/or journal prompts for each week. 

Hot tea will be provided for each meet-up, and we encourage you to BYO mug and wear something cozy and comfortable.


Heart space will be co-led by Sasha and Christy & will follow our community principles of facilitating an open and loving conversation, deep and intentional listening, and space holding.


Pre-registration is encouraged so we know how much tea to brew.


We ask that you purchase your own book before our first class (physical book or audio-book).

The first book we will be exploring is "Yamas and Niyamas" by Deborah Adele. This book focuses on the first 2 of the 8-limbs from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. The Yamas and Niyamas are essential foundations to living a yogic lifestyle. It is a book that has touched both Christy and Sasha's lives, and they are beyond excited to take the journey with you.

Here are some links where you can purchase your book-



Or you can reach out to your local bookstore.

You can also order an audiobook instead.


We will always let you know at least 2-weeks in advance before we start a new book, giving you ample time to prepare.

About Christy + Sasha

Christy and Sasha share a passion for community-building. They lean into creating a welcoming, open, and "home-y" space for their students + clients. 

Together, they will facilitate reflection and deep listening, as we hold space for one another in this intentional community.

Sasha + Christy believe that our yoga practice extends off the mat and into the world - and these community conversations will lead to more connections, and opportunities to dive deeper with ourselves and each other.