Guided Nature Visualization

About Series:

4 weeks
Wednesdays April 5, 12, 19, 26
$80/person for series
$25 drop in

Yoga & Guided Nature Visualization

Can you imagine the feeling of sunshine on your skin? The sound of waves crashing on a shoreline, or the smell of your favorite flower? As humans we hold a deep connection to our peaceful memories of nature, but in our busy day-to-day lives it can be hard to find the time to stop and smell the roses

In this unique class series, join Katie Venechuk from In Your Element Wellness for an evening of self-care that is designed to help you nourish your body, calm your mind, and tap into the peace of wild places from within the four corners of your yoga mat

Each 1.25-hr class will include an opportunity for centering, a slow flow yoga session, and a closing 10-15 minute long nature visualization; which will be enhanced with elements from nature, essential oils and more to help you ignite your senses and relax deeply into the experience

Join us for the full series to journey from forests to seaside's, meadows and more, or join us for a single session to get a taste of the experience

Many years ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: "Lose yourself in nature and find peace.

This is still true today

We hope you'll join us in the journey! 



**We have mats & props, but you are welcome to bring your own props as you desire. We are not responsible for any props brought from home**

Nourish Your Body While Reducing Technology Fatigue

Relax Deeply & Tap Into Your Inner Peace While Visualizing Beautiful Places In Nature

Tap Into Your Innate Connection With Nature

Meet Katie:

Katie Venechuk is the creator and program guide at In Your Element Wellness, a Grand Rapids based wellness company with a mission to help people rediscover the health and wellness benefits of spending time in nature. Combining her experiences as certified forest therapy guide, yoga teacher, and foraging and wild foods instructor, Katie's programs are designed to help you experience your time outside in a new way - reducing stress, reigniting a sense of awe for the land that you call home, and curating a sense of community with others in a simple, tech-free way. From yoga classes in the forest to taste testing wild foods, guided Shinrin-yoku walks, and more, Katie believes there is a doorway for everyone to reconnect to the wonders of nature. Her mission is to hold open the door

Learn more at or on Instagram @iyewellness