In-Studio & Virtual Yoga classes, functional movement tips & techniques, and a variety of resources to move your body as you evolve.






Move your body from the inside out using traditional Yoga poses and philosophies alongside functional movement and postural awareness. With years of experience, a variety of specialties and certifications, and dedicated Yogic study, Shannon & her team of collaborators offer a safe, structured, and creative place to flow with your body.

There are classes every week In-Studio gazing over Versluis Lake in Grand Rapids, MI, along with live and prerecorded Virtual class offerings.Β 

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“Your body, your movement, your awareness. Let go of the achievement mentality and let the functional movement increase your awareness and connection.”


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Dedicated Movement

For those interested in gaining access to live monthly yoga, pilates, and meditation classes, both in-person and virtual AND an on-demand library of movement & mindfulness classes, tips, and techniques.

Join the membership to commit to a dedicated functional movement practice that will awaken your creative spirit.

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“​Her classes are more than a class to me, when taking Shannon’s class I find myself again. It’s hard to explain or put into words but her energy, her love for what she does, her caregiving nature just comes to life. Yes, there’s days were she pushes me and I feel muscles I didn’t know I had before, however the peacefulness and sense of self I leave with after taking her class is worth every ache. The truth is that it was the best thing that happened to me at the exact time. I can only be forever thankful to her for not only sharing her practice but for truly caring and bringing peace and joy into my life."



Yoga is not about flexibility or strength... yes, those attributes will develop but Yoga is about connection with breath, awareness, and discipline. Here you will find resources that will offer techniques as tools, not boundaries. Build your toolbox and grow in confidence as you move your body.

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