Prenatal Yoga Workshop: Preparing for Birth 

Prenatal Yoga Workshop: Preparing for Birth

Saturday Oct 21st
Knowledge is powerful and empowering for both you and your birth partner!
Learning what works best for your body gives you the information you need to communicate and advocate for yourself. 
At this workshop, you will learn:
-How to use yoga based movement to balance your body & move baby to the best position for birth.

⁃ How to relax your mind and body for comfort in pregnancy.

⁃ How to communicate what you need.

⁃ What movement works best for your body for labor and birth.

About your Instructor: 
Alissa has been using yoga to support families through pregnancy birth and postpartum since 2015.
With certification in yoga, prenatal yoga, doula care, and pelvic floor yoga she has created curriculum that is simple and accessible for all families, so that they may feel confident and empowered! 

Who is this for?
This is a 3 hour workshop for pregnant humans.
The movement is safe and informative for anyone 12 weeks and beyond. 

Working on tightness and strength throughout pregnancy is important no matter what your “birth plan” may be.

Whether you are planning on a scheduled cesarean birth, an epidural or medication free birth, home birth or hospital birth, or have taken or plan to take another birth education class; knowing your body will give you comfort emotionally and physically through pregnancy and allow you to heal and recover efficiently.
This workshop will give you the tools and information to ask for what you need through your birth journey!

Meet Alissa:

Her grace and compassion are magnetic, and she radiates love and light.

Her classes offer thoughtful and intentional words and ideas to help you connect on a deeper level and continue to inspire your practice off your mat and throughout your day.

Alissa has been teaching in this space (and others around GR) for almost a decade. She has a passion for Anusara yoga, teaching traditional yoga postures emphasizing alignment and core stability, while offering a gentle vinyasa.

She pairs her practices with insightful wisdom from teachers and authors that have inspired her along the way, creating a deeper mindfulness experience each time.

She enjoys connecting with her students, and has a special love for offering kindness, compassion, and support.

Alissa also teaches Gentle/Basics Mon at 6p, Wed 10:30a, Fri 9, and Restorative Wed at 730p. She also offers private sessions and specializes in Birth Based Yoga, pre/post natal.