by listening together

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Ready to explore relaxing in sound?

Sound experiences are becoming more and more popular these days... and for good reason! Sound is all around us and can be felt with all the senses, not just heard. Subsequently, sound has the potential to guide sensation to all reaches of the human experience. How do we separate the "noise" of life and direct our receivers to more soothing and nourishing sounds? Sound Baths are a way to explore these possibilities and at Live Unprocessed we design them to relax and nourish our nervous systems - to reset and receive - to learn how to listen deeper.  

"The world is sound.

To those who listen, everything is singing."

~ Jayananda - from Sound Ceremony 




Share a group sound healing experience with friends, families, or coworkers. This 90 min sound healing experience can be hosted at Live Unprocessed or at your specified location. Experience the relaxing power of sounds and an incredible nervous system reset together with your own sound healing experience.


Attune yourself to vibrations that calm and nourish your nervous system so that you may release the static in your mind. 


Host this experience to share peace with a group - friends, families, coworkers - can all benefit from deep relaxation. 


In a society that prioritizes production and giving, practice receiving so that you may feel on a deeper level in your mind, body, and spirit. 

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Group Sound Healing Experience

with Kevin Leep or Megan Smit

Private Event Cost


$222 for 2 people

perfect for couples, best friends, soul sisters. 

$350 for 3 - 8 people

perfect for small groups, families, special events.

$400+ for 9+ people

Perfect for special groups, large teams, and birthday parties.


To schedule you must pay at least half to reserve your date.

*price can be divided among participants
**additional travel cost if not hosted at Live Unprocessed

Megan & Kevin

Our Sound Facilitators.

Each sound bath facilitator has a bit of a different tuning - including different instruments. 

Megan's sound baths are often whimsical, elemental, and include vocal harmonies, crystal singing bowls, and storytelling. 

Kevin's sound baths offer a deep & grounding resonance through varying sized gongs, metal himalayan bowls, and a rhythmic acoustics. 

"We did a mom's night out to the Accupuncture & Sound Bath and it was such an amazing experience. We all left feeling so refreshed. The instructors and space are top notch. We'll definitely be back!"

Lindsey E

"Live Unprocessed is more than a yoga studio, it is a community that supports each other"



 If you are looking to offer your group a unique and intentional experience to share together, then this is perfect. 

Sound Baths can be tailored to any experience - focusing on a mother-to-be, connecting a team, celebrating a birthday, honoring a special date such as a solstice, and in so many other ways. 

Some add-ons to Sound Baths could include:

✦ Acupuncture
✦ Restorative Yoga
✦ Cacao Ceremony