About Sasha

Sasha started personal training in 2009, with the goal to help accomodate and inspire strength & growth in creative ways. She noticed stress and adrenal fatigue was rampant amongst the people she worked with, and began introducing & guiding her clients through meditation 8 years ago. Her own breathwork and yoga practice shortly followed, and her mentality with teaching shifted from trainer to guide.


As a teacher, Sasha focuses on using yoga as a vessel for students to tap into their whole person. Because of her own transformational experiences, she believes the yoga mat is where we can tap into our intuition, acknowledge fears, and are liberated and healed as we move and breathe.


What to expect from Sasha’s class: powerful & creative sequences, breath-focused classes, and accessibility options. Each class will be unique, and you will explore meditation, mudras (hand postures) and breath-work.


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Weekly Classes

Slow Flow
Tuesday 8:30a-9:30a  Sign Up

A slowed down & intentional flow-style class. It still incorporates the fundamentals like Sun Salutations, but includes longer holds in postures. 

You’ll still be invited & encouraged to move with your breath and offered moments of meditation/mindfulness in each class. You’ll always be offered options for different levels of accessibility.

Pilates / Yoga Fusion
Wednesday 9a- 10a  Sign Up

A class for strengthening and lengthening! Using a few props (we provide) you’ll have the chance to move and breath through some yoga movements,

sprinkled in with traditional mat-pilates movements. You’ll stretch AND feel the burn in those muscles in the very best way, and leave feeling refreshed and strong. You’ll always be offered options for different levels of accessibility.


Intuitive Vinyasa 
Thursday 8:30a-9:30a Sign Up

This class is breath + movement focused. You’ll be guided to explore your own intuition as you move and center. You’ll learn a sequence of postures and be offered the space to move through the poses with your breath, at your own pace. It requires you to trust and challenge yourself, and you’ll end up feeling refreshed and invigorated by making space in the body and the mind for the movements. A moment of mindfulness/meditation in each class. 


Hands-On Yoga
Tuesday 6p-7p  Sign Up

In this slow-flow style class, you’ll be invited to connect with your breath and then be led through Sun Salutations and a sequence that includes some longer holds in your postures. Two teachers are present at every class to guide you through a flow and offer adjustments to help with alignment, posture deepening, and relaxation. The class ends with restorative postures & includes meditation and mindfulness.

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Workshops & Series

Private Clients


Private Yoga Session

1 Hour | $79

5 Sessions | $350 ($70/hour)

10 Sessions | $650 ($65/hour)


Intuitive Strength & Recovery: 5 sessions minimum

Whether from a previous injury, postnatal, aging, or tightness from sitting too much… our bodies change often, and we notice when they do or don’t work like they used to. These sessions bring attention and INTENTION to rehabilitating and strengthening the body. It’s all about learning about how to accomodate (not resist!) the body as things change—and that includes mindset.

Incorporating Intuition is a big part of what Sasha brings to her S&R sessions: encouraging you to tap into your bodily intuition—stepping away from always needing someone to show you what to do, and learning to trust yourself. There will be “homework” each session —movements and postures to help align and strengthen and stretch the body in between each one-on-one. These exercises are shared via Video for you to keep at home and continue your strength-building even while the sessions are finished. 


Holding Space: single or multiple sessions

Just like it sounds—this session is for you to come exactly as you are. It’s common to feel over-stimulated, and sometimes even a class full of people can feel like too much. The Holding Space is a nourishing one-on-one for breathing and gentle intentional assisted stretching and movements. You’ll decompress your nervous system and open the heart to receive love and healing. When Sasha gently moves and adjusts the body for you, you’ll notice that you can relax the mind as you aren’t having to physically or mentally “put in work”. This is the perfect practice to heal the body by letting yourself be held and nourished. 


Fundamentals: single or multiple sessions

 Break down your alignment and breath one-on-one to feel stronger and more confident in your yoga classes. This is a great place to start if you’re new to yoga, or if you simply feel that you want to get the most out of your classes during the week. Sasha will help you find strength and ease in your pose transitions, and show you accommodations for areas that are tricky for your body for various reasons. 


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Series are all offered in the comfort of our studio. For at-home options, contact Sasha directly at sasha.saur@gmail.com