Yoga Series
for Deepening Your Practice

Ready To Take Your Practice To The Next Level?

Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned instructor, workshop series open new insights into your practice.  

Taking time to intentionally break down postures, explore alignment, experience muscle activation, explore deepening relaxation, learn how to into your body, and deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy opens new opportunities for you on your mat.

It’s very common to fall into your own rhythm and habits within your practice. Often you have no idea that a simple tweak or deeper understanding can completely change the way you experience a posture, sequence, or idea on your mat.

It’s so easy to fall into your own self-limiting beliefs and simply practice what you know is possible. Giving yourself focused opportunity to grow will level up your yoga practice on and off your mat. 

Improve balance. Safely get deeper into postures. Increase flexibility. Enhance your connection & understanding of your body.  Dissolve self-limiting beliefs. Build strength & confidence. Step into your power.


Commit to grow your practice. Check out our monthly series focused workshops.  

Yoga For Stress Relief

Wednesdays Dec 6, 13, 20, 27
Instructor: Alissa Newberg

 Cost: $65 for 4 week series * $20 for drop in

*included for unlimited monthly members, pre-registration required

The body holds stress as tightness, stiffness, or soreness.

Step one is identifying where you hold your stress in your body. Once identified we can practice releasing this stress slowly and safely with movementpranayama (breathing practices), and visualization.

Join Alissa for a 4 week series focused on feeling the sensations that communicate stress held in your tissues. Practice moving that stress through your body, allowing for more freedom and lightness within.

Yoga For Detox & Balance

Wednesdays Jan 10, 17, 24, 31
Instructor: Alissa Newberg

 Cost: $65 for 4 week series * $20 for drop in

*included for unlimited monthly members, pre-registration required

Lifestyle and habits can leave us feeling overwhelmed. The heaviness that comes along with it can bring exhaustion, depression, digestive issues, and illness.

Movement, pranayama (breathing exercises) and affirmations help to move this sticky feeling out of our body, minds and hearts.

About Alissa:

Alissa Marie Newberg is a 200hr RYT yoga teacher with additional Yoga Alliance certification in Prenatal Yoga through Blooma International.
She has trained as a DONA certified doula with Patti Brennan of The Center for the Childbearing Year and recently studied with Tammy Ryan of Spinning Babies learning pregnancy and birth positioning techniques.
She is also certified to specialize in teaching yoga for the pelvic floor to both participants and instructors.
Instagram: @alissamarieyoga