Spring Equinox Celebration

Where are you ready to bloom?


The Spring equinox is the time of year where daylight is equal to nighttime.

It represents new beginnings

It's the time of year when your energy starts to awaken after months of introspection. And it's the time to bring action to the intentions you created during the winter season. 

What are you letting go of?

Where are you ready to bloom?


Tuesday, March 21st

Join us for a day of celebration at the studio.


Check out the schedule: 

54 Sun Salutations with Alissa & Shannon @ 6a-7:30a.

Slow Flow + Hands-on with Sasha & Alissa @ 8:30a-9:45a.

Sound & Hands-on Restorative Yoga with Megan, Christy, & Sasha @ 6p-7:30p.


details below...


54 Sun Salutations

Tuesday, March 21st

$20 Drop In
(included for members)

Awaken on the Spring Equinox  feeling strong & empowered. 

Join Shannon & Alissa at 6am to flow through 54 Sun Salutations while watching the sunrise.

Start off your day by challenging yourself, & witnessing the awakening of another Spring season. 

Modifications will be offered to suit your body & needs. 

Slow Flow + Hands-on Adjustments

Tuesday, March 21st

$20 Drop In
(included for members)

Enter your Spring Equinox experience with intentional, deep in-breaths & out-breaths, guiding your body in slow, fluid movements as you embrace the surrender of the season, Join Sasha Saur and Alissa Newberg in a hands-on yoga practice, complete with intuitive assists and compassionate touch. Allow your body to find deeper alignment and feel Metta (loving kindness) through a supportive practice and generous savasana. 

Spring Equinox Sound Bath & Hands-On Restorative Yoga

Tuesday, March 21st

$37 Drop In
($20 members)

Nourish your mind, body, and spirit through ultimate relaxation. Gentle and supported poses will be introduced and held for long periods of time to deepen each stretch with ease. Combined with the powerful nervous system relaxing tones of meditation and a gentle sound bath. 
Christy Gasper will lead the class through slow intentional movement with long holds to deepen in stretch completely supported.  Megan Smit will then create an immersive sound experience to relax your muscles, nerves, and minds even deeper. This combination of gentle movement, still stretching, and relaxing sound vibrations will completely relax your nervous system to help you find peace on all levels.
This dynamic duo and combination of relaxation techniques are sure to be exactly what you need on a winter Sunday evening. 
***Yoga Mats & Blankets will be provided. You may bring your own for your own comfort. ***

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”

-Maya Angelou