Strength + Balance Series


Strength + Balance: 

6 week series with Sasha 

*Limited group size: 4-6 students only 

Tuesdays @4:30p

April 16, 23, 30
May 7, 14, 21 

 $150* for full series 

*price includes 1 pre-recorded at-home workout for any class
that might be missed due to travel/illness, etc.


What to expect from this series:

 You'll be a part of a small group training together: only 4-6 spots are available.

During the 6 weeks, you'll utilize the tools (weights, bands, and platforms) in the strength studio to learn how to build your strength without sacrificing your mobility. 
You'll learn how to utilize and activate your core muscles to find balance and stability -- the essential muscles for giving you a strong foundation!

Weight bearing exercise and sense of balance is what I consider the "strength foundation" and is essential for all other activities--including your yoga practice, your long term wellness goals, walking, and your posture. This is essential for all bodies, especially as we age!

You'll build upon movements each week, feel a sense of community with others & challenge yourself. You'll be amazed at how your confidence grows as you get stronger both physically and mentally!

Every class will begin with an active warm-up together, move through a training circuit, and finish with deep breathing, qigong, and stretching/yoga.


Who is this series for?

Anyone who wants to strengthen their bodies and find balance!
While this most certainly will be challenging: it will also be fun!

You do not need previous weight training experience to join us: you can expect modifications for ALL levels. It is helpful to have a "can-do" attitude even if you haven't been in this environment before.

*This training is NOT a weight-loss or aesthetic body-modification series. We aim to build skills in long-term overall well-being, balance, stamina, and strength...we are not emphasizing comparison to others, numbers on the scale, calories, or diet.

*You may want to consider one-on-one training if you have serious injuries you are tending to, or if you are feeling like a group setting may not be comfortable due to more personal needs/goals when it comes to strength and confidence. 

About Sasha

I started out personal training in 2009, with the goal to help accomodate and inspire strength & growth in creative ways. It didn't take long to notice stress, adrenal fatigue, and body shame was rampant amongst the people I worked with, and I began introducing & guiding my clients through meditation, mindfulness, breathing practices. In 2016, I started my personal Yoga practice, and I began my Yoga Training one year later. 

I believe and aim to embody movement as medicine. I believe that accessibility is essential, and strength & mobility should go hand-in hand, which is why we need to learn more about how everything is interconnected!

My journey has evolved so many times, and I've walked hundreds of people through their emotional and physical journeys. While bodies, lifestyles, and priorities change, this remains the same: I see you, I believe in you. You can and you will.