Thai Body Workshop

About Event:

Sunday March 19th 
10:30a-12:30p  |  $33 per person  ($25 for members)
In this 120-minute beginners workshop you will learn the basics of how to give and receive loving kindness with your partner.

Spouse, friend or sister, who ever your partner is, this workshop will give you a taste of how to give from the heart with compassion in order to have a deeper understanding of the human in front of you. 
Brittany will lead you through short Thai sequences where you will give and receive through three 10-minute rounds each. This workshop is meant to be fun, simple and heartfelt. Come exactly as you are. 
Thai Yoga Massage is the art of connecting through Metta - loving kindness for oneself and others. According to Buddhist tradition, those who cultivate metta will be happy and at ease because they do not harbor ill will or hostility. They do not water the seed of negativity. Radiating metta is thought to contribute to a world of love, peace and happiness.
Principles of Thai Yoga Massage: 
-Perfect Fit 
-Fullness of Touch
-Full Participation
-Find your Rhythm 
-No Extra
-Mutual Support
-No Force
-No Judgment
-No Hurry/No Pause


This workshop will have limited attendance and will be offered at the Live Unprocessed Studio

**We have mats & props, but you are welcome to bring your own mats & props as you desire. Each partner will need a mat. We are not responsible for any props brought from home**

About Brittany:

Brittany is a full time (3x)200-hour yoga/acroyoga teacher. She has a background in biomedical science, 600-hour training in medical massage therapy and has completed 47-hours of Thai yoga massage training.