About Event:

The Winter Solstice is when darkness peaks & daylight is at its shortest, signifying the start of winter before the cool skies gently invite in a subtle shift toward brighter days ahead. This astrological event is a symbol of the sun standing still at its lowest point, reminding us to see embrace the stillness, recharge, and spend time in reflection. The 2022 Solstice occurs on Wednesday, December 21.

108 Sun Salutations  
| $15

Wednesday, Dec 21  | 6a-8a

*Practice is included for members (no fee). You are welcome to join & retreat at your convenience while being conscious of opening centering & closing meditation.

Prepare your body and mind as we enter into the equinox. Join Shannon Sadoski and Alissa Newberg in full mala of (108) sun salutations. This practice is meant to honor and express gratitude for the sun’s cycle by warming up the body and concentrating on slow, intentional, and repetitive movement. Traditionally, 108 Sun Salutations are used in celebration. We will use this mala to focus on grounding the body and embracing the Winter Solstice, surrendering into a time of slowing down and regeneration.

We will move our practice through the chakra system from the Crown to Root to bring some grounding to this Winter transition. 

We will practice chakra-centered affirmations during this practice, use the warming movements to connect intrinsically, and focus on deep breathing to clear the body & mind. 




Hands-On Slow Flow  | $25

Wednesday, Dec 21  | 9a-10:30a

*Practice is included for members (no fee).

Enter your solstice experience with intentional, deep in-breaths & out-breaths, guiding your body in slow, fluid movements as you embrace the surrender of the season, Join Sasha Saur and Alissa Newberg in a hands-on yoga practice, complete with intuitive assists and compassionate touch. Allow your body to find deeper alignment and feel Metta (loving kindness) through a supportive practice and generous savasana. 

Complete your practice with a Winter Solstice inspired meditation and affirmations. 


Shine By Heart Light Cacao Ceremony  | $33

Wednesday, Dec 21  | 7:30p-9p

Join Megan & Dan Smit of Wavetone Studio for a cacao ceremony centered in connecting to your inner heart light complete with crystal bowls, tingshas, ocean drum, and a harmony of soothing instruments and voice.  Melt into the elements and allow your heart space to glow in gratitude. Celebrate this astrological moment by relaxing, resetting, and renewing your nervous system. 

About Shannon:

Shannon Sadoski is a certified natural food chef, yoga & movement specialist, holistic lifestyle coach, and founder of Live Unprocessed.

She helps people seeking wellness to function at their highest level of health through high quality food, functional movement, and deep mindfulness.


About Alissa:

Alissa Newberg has been connecting with yoga students through her thoughtful insights and alignment focused asana for almost a decade. 

Her love for the practice inspires students of all ages and walks of life, from soon-to-be mamas and mamas of newborns, to new and seasoned yogis, to elders and those looking for a sense of balance both physically and spiritually.

About Kevin:

My yoga path has guided me to many different places and interesting people all over the world. My yoga journey began while completing my Exercise Science internship at Bronson Athletic Club. A few years later I was invited to try yoga at The Grand Rapids Downtown Market in the greenhouse. My yoga journey was no longer a bunch of poses, it was connecting to something more. After 6 months, I was eager to do a yoga teacher training. With some encouragement from my teacher, I decided to do Sadhana Yoga School's 28 day immersion in Bali, Indonesia. I've continued to deepen my personal practices by attending a 10 day Vipassana meditation. 
When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga, I love to spend time with my wife, cooking, golfing, walking our two dogs, and traveling. I'm ready to see how you will be apart of my yoga journey
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