Hello Yoga:
200hr RYT
Yoga Teacher Training

 Connect To Your Yoga Practice On A Deeper Level. 


Interested in deepening your yoga practice or becoming a yoga teacher?


Join Allison for her next upcoming teacher training program.  During this 200hr program you will learn about the roots of yoga, deepen your personal yoga practice, and learn how to design and teach classes.

This training is designed for two types of people:

  • Yoga students hungry to deepen their yoga practice beyond just classes at a studio. They know they want more from life, and they know that a deeper yoga practice is a great way to get that!  
  • Students and all folks that are ready to become a yoga teacher and be supported in teaching in a style that is authentic to them.

You will get the tools to rock teaching yoga!


Below is what we will study to ensure you can become a yoga teacher that is both knowledgeable and authentic:


1. Yoga Pose Knowledge

You will learn more than just how to get into a pose!  We will cover alignment, verbal and energetic cues, and counterposes so that you can teach with confidence.


2.  How to Create an Unforgettable Yoga Class

Not all yoga classes are created equal!  There are different aspects that make a yoga class great beyond just doing poses. Graduates of our training program will know how to turn their classes into more than just a workout - you’ll be able to leave students feeling incredible. 


3. Roots of Yoga: Philosophy, History, Anatomy

In this training, you will define your WHY- the reason you have decided to become a teacher, and what aspects of the roots truly speak to you.  As we study the history and philosophy of yoga, we will show you how to incorporate these into your classes. We will also break down the anatomy so you can intelligently sequence class and make the practice accessible to all students.


4. Find Your Yoga Voice

When you first start teaching yoga it gets easy to caught up trying to teach like your favorite teacher and we can as teachers we can struggle to find our own Voice. In this training, you will learn how to create and teach classes that feel authentic to who you are… and feel awesome for your students!


5. Class Creation

We’ll coach you through creating your own Peak Pose, Vinyasa, and Restorative classes. This will be different than learning a set sequence, you will be able to design your classes based on alignment, different themes, and more!


6.  Business of Yoga

We break down the ins and outs of the business of becoming a yoga teacher. We will touch on how you can get paid, how to market classes, insurance, and tools to help make your yoga business run more smoothly.  AND WE HAVE A SPECIAL WORKSHOP ON HOW TO LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS!

What's Included?

We know teacher training is an investment so we have made sure students have everything they need to be successful.


In-person & video training library for easy reference 



In-depth yoga teacher manual and all required books



Five 1:1 personalized coaching sessions with Allison

(over $500 value)


5 Months of Unlimited Yoga at Live Unprocessed

(over $500 value)

 2022 Dates: 


Teacher Training Sessions take place every other weekend.

Saturday & Sunday 8AM-6PM


Sessions will take place at Live Unprocessed Studio, 5270 Northland Dr NE, Suite D. Grand Rapids MI, 49525.









A small part of training will also be taught online, at the time and place of your choosing.


Being a student with Allison has been a joy. She has been teaching yoga for years and has made herself super knowledgeable through continuing education, and implementation. Her encouragement and experience has allowed me to build confidence in teaching what I resonate with and seek growth not only in yoga but within myself. The trainings I have taken with Allison always has a depth of knowledge I have not found elsewhere in Michigan. I get so excited when she offers training; I know I’m going to get great functional knowledge I can weave into my teaching.

-Adrianna Platt, Yoga Teacher



I’ve been practicing yoga with Allison since she started teaching at a small local studio. She was a great teacher and I always enjoyed taking her classes. After she opened Hello Yoga, I began attending her classes there. She was able to safely guide me through yoga classes during my first pregnancy and she’s been indispensable as a teacher, helping me deepen my practice these past few years. Allison has created an amazing, inclusive studio where the classes are accessible to everyone and EVERYONE feels welcome.

- Sarah Van Wieren, Yogi




I took a Continuing Education Workshop that was led by Allison! It was such a breath of fresh air to walk into such a welcoming environment. Each space was prepared nicely and the whole workshop felt incredibly inclusive- introductions, talking amongst one another on our opinions regarding yoga and our teaching styles.

On top of that, the workshop itself was very helpful. Allison has an array of certifications, which really helped me find ways to be inclusive as well. Expanding pose modifications, yoga prop suggestions, new phrases and wording to help align each pose.

It was an amazing experience! 13/10 would go again!

Tori Whitaker, Yoga Teacher

 Invest In Yourself. Expand Your Purpose.


Join Allison for her next upcoming teacher training program.  During this 200hr program you will learn about the roots of yoga, deepen your personal yoga practice, and learn how to design and teach classes.
3 payment options available
 We require a $450 deposit to hold your spot for training.  
This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied toward your total cost of the training.
We also offer flexible payment plan options.
Please reach out to [email protected] for more details.

Early Bird


Best Pricing

  •  $450 deposit
  • 1 payment of $2450
  • Balance paid in full by 9/1
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Standard Pricing



  • $450 Deposit
  • 2 payments of $1375
  • Balance paid in full by 10/15
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Extended Pay Plan


8 Month Plan

  • $450 deposit
  • $450/mo for 7 months
  • Must be paid in full for certification
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 Meet Your Mentors.


With years of experience plus thousands of hours of teaching, our instructors and collaborators bring passion, dedication, and empowering energy to each session.
We not only offer mentorship on the mat, but also expand beyond, bringing yoga into all elements of your life. 

About Allison:


Hi! I’m Allison, I started my yoga practice over 5 years ago because I was super busy, working all the time and in a rut. I wanted something that was just my own, just for me.

I quickly fell in love with yoga but I still wanted more. I wanted to know WHY yoga worked so well for me and I wanted even more transformation, so I joined my first RYT 200.

After that my classes quickly filled up. But I still wanted to be able to give more to my students, so I traveled to Colorado for my RYT 500. There I was finally able to take my practice to the deepest level of inner transformation - way beyond just the poses.

I’m excited to share this incredible yoga teaching approach with others! This YTT is like nothing else - you’ll find your unique teaching style, gain a diverse yoga education and gain a community of people who get it.

Allison holds her E-RYT 500 and is certified in Anusara/Hatha yoga, Integrated Vinyasa, Yoga 4 Amputees, Biomechanics of Yoga, Yoga Somatics, Restorative Yoga and The Gita-Vedas.


About Karolina:

Hi! I’m Karolina, I first deepened my relationship to yoga in Colorado. Through my active lifestyle, I learned that yoga was the perfect antidote to sore muscles from hiking, skiing and adventuring in the great outdoors.

At first, yoga was predominantly physical (asana- based) and I loved the strength and flexibility that I gained in my body through practice. Through expanding my knowledge and understanding of yoga, my practice has evolved and expanded into a soul-feeding practice . My journey of yoga has always been about self-discovery, self-love and becoming more aware of what the body and mind are capable of achieving.

I am honored to be invited to facilitate and guide you through this life-changing journey to becoming a yoga teacher. I truly believe that you each possess a natural light that emanates from the inside out, and I can not wait to share my knowledge in order to assist you in uncovering your power and voice.
Karolina holds her E-RYT 200 and is experienced in Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin and Buti yoga