Ashtanga Yoga

Saturday 10a-11:30a
**Wed 6p-7p now Align & Form



What is Ashtanga Yoga? 

Ashtanga Yoga translates to '8 limbed Yoga' which refers to the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

The 8 Limbs of Yoga are set guidelines for yogis to follow, bringing about discipline, & leading to a life of contentment.

K. Pattabhi Jois created the Ashtanga style of yoga. 

This practice focuses on moving through a specific sequence of asanas--postures (Asana is one of the 8 limbs).

The intention is that this sequence of postures will guide yogis to realization of the remaining 7 limbs of yoga. 

These postures are linked together as a vinyasa, movement with breath. As you flow through, you build heat in the body. The sequence is designed to stretch & strengthen your body. 

As an Ashtanga yogi grows their practice, they can progress through six series, or sequences. Most yogis, however, will stick with the Primary Series, which is the first & most recognized Ashtanga sequence.

This is the series that Anil will be guiding you through. 



Saturdays, class is 90 minutes, therefore, you can expect to flow through the Full Primary Series.



This practice brings significant growth & discipline to your yoga practice. 

In addition, this practice is especially great during the winter months, because it helps to balance your fire element which is often low during this season. Ashtanga Yoga helps aid circulation, detoxification + improves lymph flow & digestion.

We highly recommend taking this step!


You will leave with greater control of your body & mind. 




**Update: On Wednesdays at 6p, Anil was leading a 60 minute, short form of the Primary Series. This class is now called Align & Form. While visiting similar postures to Ashtanga, Anil will guide you through a more structural yoga practice, inspired by Iyengar style methods, allowing you to visit postures for longer and find more depth & alignment in your practice.

About Anil

Anil is an expert instructor, professionally trained in Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga in India.

We feel so grateful he is bringing his depth of knowledge to the studio.

He will offer profound new perspective to your alignment & ways to use your props.

His passion & discipline for yoga & health is sure to inspire you. 

Ashtanga Short Form

Every Wednesday 6p-7p

Ashtanga Primary Series

Every Saturday 10a-11:30a