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Nature ~ fierce, calming, vibrant, quiet. An undeniable mirror of life. Nature provides an abundance of resources. And as life gains speed, it’s easy to overlook or breeze right past exactly what you need to balance your system as it grows right beside your mailbox 

The current norm in lifestyle doesn’t hold space for appreciating the gifts of nature and all their uses. Identifying herbs and knowing how to use them is a skill often lost among generations.

And yet nature has its way of reminding you by subtle yet breathtaking displays that stop you in your tracks, even for a moment, filling you with a mesmerizing inspiration that warms you from the inside and invigorates the sensation of your own heart beat.

And if you’ve been blessed to awaken early enough to witness the slow rise of the sun casting delicate yet powerful rays against the stable and awe-inspiring mountain range, you too can feel alpenglow in your soul.

Our friend, Rachel Leigh, a mama, forager, herbalist, and nature enthusiast has curated a combination of herbs to capture this cozy, brisk, earthy aroma to steep and sip, as you close your eyes and feel the glow rise within you. 

Herbal tisanes are such a powerful way to infuse & nourish our 
internal systems with essential minerals, increasing immunity & combating pathogens, and quickly supplementing our cells and organs with vital nutrients.

Commonly, any leaf that’s steeped to infuse flavors into water is called a “tea.” This, however is actually not technically the correct use of the word. It’s important to know this, as you may hear friends say, “I don’t like tea!”

As crazy as this sounds to me, they may actually not like tea, but if you don’t know the difference between tea & an herbal tisane or infusion, you might miss out on the opportunity (and endless possibilities) of introducing this nourishment.

All true tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. There are 5 main types of tea: green, black, white, oolong, & pu-erh. These are each processed differently to offer unique flavor. The most common characteristics of true are caffeine and a distinct flavor of tannins (especially if overstepped or steeped at the wrong temperature.) 

Herbal tisanes, however, are dried plant parts: stems, roots, leaves, flowers, that come from any variety of plants, and infuse in water creating many unique blends and offering similar & abundant nutrient combinations. Tisanes don’t have the distinct “tea” flavor. And most (if not all) are caffeine free.

The important take away ~ you can enjoy all the powerful healing benefits of an herbal infusion even if you “don’t like tea!”

It doesn’t matter if you stick with the familiar and call it “tea,” as long as you know that a tisane or herbal infusion opens new doors for your taste buds and your health. 

Alpenglow “Tea” Blend:

The health benefits of herbs steeped together in this blend truly radiate. Sipping the extractions of steeped herbs is a great way to "infuse" the body with nutrients and minerals-- and it's also simply joy in a cup - a chance to slow down & pause - a way to transport or sip in peace- the truest form of self-care through intentional experience.

The health benefits of this herb blend will soothe and nurture your whole person.


Purchase yours here.


HOPS: Encourages deeper sleep, supports hormonal health, alleviates anxiety and depression, anti-microbial

NETTLES: Detoxifies, strengthens bones and connective tissues, source of calcium, magnesium, silicon and zinc and many other minerals!

RED RASPBERRY: Hormonal + digestive support, uterine tonic

ST. JOHNS WORT: Anti-depressant, relieves pms symptoms, fights inflammation and skin irritations, non-carcinogenic 

CHAMOMILE: Brain/gut support of vagus nerve, anti-inflammatory, promotes skin health.

PASSIONFLOWER: helps to reduce affects of menopause, lowers blood pressure, lessens anxiety & nervousness, and improves sleep.

LEMON VERBENA: aids in muscle repair, lessens stiffness and pain in joints, and helps with metabolic issues.

HAWTHORN LEAF AND FLOWER: Supports our physical heart, helps both body and mind adapt to stress, promote a sense of calm, encourages healthy sleep cycle, Many consider hawthorn to be transformational for the emotional or spiritual heart as well. specifically helpful for women with "broken hearts" i.e. for those " feeling wounded and hurt."

LICORICE ROOT Soothing herb for immunity + digestion, anti viral and soothing for cough/sore throat, PMS/menopausal support  


Brewing Options:

Create your own unique combinations of healing herbal infusion. Start with 2-4 herbs you’re familiar with (peppermint, lavender, nettle, chamomile) and steep to your desire. Or purchase your own bag of Alpenglow through us and allow yourself to transport to the glow over the mountains.

Add a touch of local honey for a sweet treat. Enjoy your moment of self-care.

Let us know how you’re infusing the power of nature into your daily lifestyle routine. 🍵🍵Cheers to you, to wellness, and to the abundance of joy connected to your intention to Live Unprocessed.


*One 4oz bag of loose-leaf tea makes up to 50 servings!
The bag is $44 and all herbs are organic.

If you’d like to order your own bag of Alpenglow, head to our  online store. We are currently taking pre-orders until November 10th.

Contact me at [email protected] with any questions.




 *Note: St.John’s Wort, especially in medicinal quantities, is not recommended for use during pregnancy or for those with severe clinical depression. St. John’s Wort may also interact with SSRIs. Hawthorn is contraindicated in medicinal quantities for those using certain heart medications. Herbs are safe and powerful. If you have concerns, always contact your naturopath, herbalist, or physician before adding herbal infusions into your daily protocol. 

As always, I am offering this perspective from the scope of a natural food chef & holistic health consultant. 

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