What Does it Mean to "Live Unprocessed?"

That’s a great question.  And I can’t answer it for you.

Weird, right? 😳 Let me explain…

First, let’s break it down. 

To live: to have life, as an organism; be alive; be capable of vital functions: to practice, represent, or exhibit in one's life: to live one's philosophy.

Unprocessed: not having undergone a process to preserve or purify

Hmmm, okay? Let me continue by asking you this...

Are you alive? Like really, truly alive? Practicing, functioning, representing, and exhibiting your philosophy in a way that's completely raw, authentic, without being preserved or purified by someone or something else’s process?

It’s a deep question….and I can only answer from my perspective in hopes to offer you the spark to explore the way you define your own meaning. Because ultimately, though this is my chosen business name, this question, “What does it mean to live unprocessed?” isn’t a question for me. It’s for you. And you are here, right now, because you have a burning desire to uncover your answer. 

While the concept may feel very abstract and fluid, the guide points exist, and my purpose is to light your way. To live unprocessed, you bring purpose and intention to three main concepts:

These are three elements we can all relate to, and while simple, each has complex purpose, multi-faceted opportunities, and pure influence on your individual life.

No matter where you live, you live in color, in noise, in constant stimulation. It’s easy to lose yourself among the swirling of “shoulds.” Ultimately, your choices and lifestyle will determine how well you live

To make fully aligned choices, you need to be very clear on who you are, which requires you to be functioning at your highest capacity, which happens when you choose, in each moment, the most nourishing option to fuel your mind, body, and soul. 

Through our connected affirmation to “live unprocessed,” we provide holistic knowledge and services to tap into your intuition, elevate your wellness, and unlock your highest potential.

Connect With The Way You Move

Through guided movement based in traditional yoga principles, we support you in learning how to connect with your bodyTaking this deeper, you learn about breathing, further connecting your physical state (and subconscious functioning) to consciousness.

Learning about your body from an observational perspective, allows you to deeper understand tightness and weakness. To understand how you are functioning and where you need to pause and listen.

Connect With The Way You Feel

From here you can begin to connect your needs for strengthening and functionality. You can also connect the communication from your body to your nervous system. This uncovers the communication that explains where emotion, exhaustion, or dysregulation may be showing up physically. By tapping into this mindful state of being, you begin to connect other elements of your lifestyle

By bringing the true concept of yoga (“to yoke”) into each element of your life, you begin to connect the same intuition into how you are nourishing your physical body, energy levels, vibrational frequency, and purpose

Connect With Your Energy Source

To live unprocessed, you connect your food choices to the communication your body offers you. You begin to understand your “symptoms” and find the underlying truth of your common or chronic ailments. You can begin to free yourself by knowing "common" doesn’t mean "normal", and this response is your body's way of guiding you towards your optimal health. You can get there though intentional choices as you learn to connect yourself to the energy feeding your mind, body, and spirit. 

When you live unprocessed, you choose closest to nature - seasonal, organic, unrefined, local - and you’ll begin to uncover what elements your body thrives on. You learn how to use food as medicine, and use your intuition, paired with culinary skills, to truly nourish yourself without relying on constant external resources like plans, diets, recipes, and rules.

Uncover and Release Your Toxins

Beyond food and movement, you look with curiosity into the other elements of your life that are habitual. You explore your toxic load and intentionally reduce the strain that you may have been unaware of before. From chemical toxins, to energetic toxins, to your stress burden, and the story you tell yourself...you explore the elements of your life that have become a part of you through external processing. You consciously determine what is meant for the real you and where you can reduce your toxic load. The fog begins to lift and unveils a more authentic, vibrant, and aligned you. 

This process is your life.

To live unprocessed is a lifestyle shift that empowers you to live, learn, and grow as you while letting go of mindless convenience, commonality, and misalignment. Instead, attaching yourself to your desire for making powerful, confident, and aligned choices made from a place of knowledge, curiosity, health, intuitive wisdom, and power.

Live unprocessed is your affirmation. Our affirmation. Surrounded by a supportive community striving to live. Striving for authenticity, true wellness, and connection

You can live unprocessed. The question is, what does that mean to you?

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