About Megan

Megan Smit comes from a long lineage of healers, both indigenous and immigrant to North America. Mindful practices that enliven and align the mind, body, and spirit have long been a part of her life. . Megan found her voice for meditation, music, and storytelling while training as a Reiki Master, Women’s Circle Creatrix, 100hr Sound Ceremony, and through apprenticing with mentors.
WaveTone Studio is the name of her private practice and includes Sound Healing, Reiki, Photography, Website Design, and weekly Meditation classes all based in Grand Rapids, MI.
Instagram: @wavetone.studio

Weekly Classes

Nada Yoga Meditation Class

Thursdays 7:30a-8:15a     

Nada Yoga is the Yoga of Deep Listening. It is a pathway home by stilling the mind and listening to all that is around and within to find the silence. Join Megan Lendman as she leads guided meditations along with a light sound bath for a group meditation experience.

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Book Group Experiences

Share a group sound healing experience with friends, families, or coworkers. This customizable sound healing experience can be hosted at Live Unprocessed or at your specified location. Experience the relaxing power of sounds and an incredible nervous system reset together with your own sound healing experience.

Private Group Sound Experiences

Private Sessions

Sound Healing

60min Session | $110

Sound healing, alternatively known as Sound Therapy or Vibrational Medicine, is the practice of using sound and frequency for relaxation, healing and personal development.


With the capacity to slow down your respiratory rate, relax your brainwaves patterns, lower your heart rate variability and calm your nervous system, sound healing is at the cutting edge of healing along with meditation and yoga.

Sound healing can reduce your stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, create a deep sense of wellbeing, and promote healing that goes well beyond simple relaxation. Participants with conditions such as Parkinson’s are benefitting, as are the elderly, and those with PTSD and other mental health difficulties

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**Sessions located at The Remedy House at 5150 Northland Dr NE, Suite N, Grand Rapids 49525



60min Session | $110

A gentle energetic healing using laying on of hands to help relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual stress and concerns.

Megan's Reiki Style:

Megan is a Reiki Master who uses sound & meditation to individually enhance each Reiki session. Using singing bowls, tuning forks, and other rhythmic instruments, Megan creates a relaxing and nerve-nourishing sound experience throughout each session. Through a meditative story-telling experience, Megan creates a unique meditation for each client that unlocks beautiful releases from the subconscious mind. Megan also has extensive training with working with the feminine including Womb-focused healing.

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**Sessions located at The Remedy House at 5150 Northland Dr NE, Suite N, Grand Rapids 49525