Yoga For Your Pelvic Floor

Yoga For Your Pelvic Floor

Connect, Relax, Lengthen, Tone, & Build Strength.


Saturday, March 2nd  

Saturday, June 1st

Saturday, September 7th

10:30a-12:30p. | $40 
($32 for members, use code: MEMBERRATE)


Our pelvic floor (or pelvic diaphragm) health is the foundation of our well-being!

When functioning in good health, your pelvic floor works in sync with your breath (or respiratory diaphragm) and core muscles!

This yoga practice is designed to help you identify and isolate the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Learning to relax is just as important as learning to contract when it comes to all muscle groups in the body including the pelvic floor.

We will practice relaxing and lengthening the pelvic floor as well as the muscles that support the pelvis.

We will check in with different muscle groups to see if and when they are firing up asymmetrically.

And we will listen to our individual bodies in order to respond to what we need.

This workshop is great for everyone whether male female, young or mature, regular yoga practice or new to yoga. 




Disclaimer ***

Yoga for the pelvic floor is meant to be used as a supportive tool to actual pelvic floor therapy with a physical therapist. It is not a way to diagnose or fix pelvic floor dis function. Learning to better understand the pelvic floor and to tap into its power within your yoga practice and daily activities will allow you to go deeper into your practice and maintain pelvic floor health in general. 

About Alissa: 

Alissa Marie Newberg is a 200hr RYT yoga teacher with additional Yoga Alliance certification in Prenatal Yoga through Blooma International. She has also certified through Leslie Howard for pelvic floor teacher training.
She has trained as a DONA certified doula with Patti Brennan of The Center for the Childbearing Year and recently studied with Tammy Ryan of Spinning Babies learning pregnancy and birth positioning techniques.
Instagram: @alissamarieyoga
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