About Alissa

Alissa Marie Newberg is a 200hr RYT yoga teacher with additional Yoga Alliance certification in Prenatal Yoga through Blooma International.
She has trained as a DONA certified doula with Patti Brennan of The Center for the Childbearing Year and recently studied with Tammy Ryan of Spinning Babies learning pregnancy and birth positioning techniques.
Instagram: @alissamarieyoga

Weekly Classes

Yoga Basics
Monday 6p-7p  Sign Up

Based in Anusara or traditional Hatha Yoga focus on foundational postures. Moving at a slower pace, intentionally enter postures with an understanding of alignment, postural cues, and proprioception. Build muscular awareness while exploring balance & flexibility, building through sequence to a peak posture. Appropriate for all levels. 

Gentle Yoga 
Wednesday 10:30a-11:30a Sign Up
Friday 9a-10a Sign Up 

All bodies benefit from intentional,nourishing movement. Expect a slower pace offering time to focus on alignment, muscular awareness, balance, & flexibility approachable for all levels, whether it’s your 1st time, you’ve recently recovered from injury, or you’re well seasoned, looking to feel good.


PreNatal Yoga 
Wednesday 7:15p-8:15p Sign Up

Expectant moms from 2 weeks to birth, join Alissa Marie Yoga to explore gentle movement, breathing techniques, strengthening, and relaxation. Connect with yourself, your growing baby, and other moms on a similar journey. Feel supported, confident, and restored. Postures and techniques specific to pregnancy in all stages, preparing your body, mind, and spirit for bringing baby Earthside.


Yoga Strength & Skills
Wednesday 6p-7p  Sign Up

Warm the body through traditional vinyasa & intuitive movement. Bring strength & control into your practice by learning how to properly engage & recruit muscles. Build your skills from the ground up through posture, movement, form & technique. Explore repetitive strengthening drills for specific asana (postures) and conditioning inspired by functional movement and Pilates. Expect to experience fatigue in specific stabilizing muscle groups, expand your yoga toolkit, build strength and muscular endurance.

Mom & Baby Yoga
Friday 10:30a-11:30a   Sign Up

For moms with pre-crawling babies. Through gentle movement, intentional breath, and supportive relaxation, Alissa Marie Yoga holds space for mama to reconnect with herself and feel supported by other moms in a similar stage of life. Feel physically restored and emotionally nourished while bonding with your baby and nurturing yourself.

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Workshops & Series


Childbirth Prep Series

6 Week Series with Partner | $399

Expecting Moms from 20-30 weeks

This series is childbirth prep class for mom and her birth partner to deepen their connection in preparation for childbirth and parenting. 

The series is more than yoga poses! We talk about what it takes to create a supportive and comfortable birth game plan for your family. Your birth partner will be empowered to take an active role in the birth experience and mama will learn how to ask for what she needs. You will learn communication skills, movement and relaxation techniques, and we will let go of fear that blocks and sometimes stops the progression of labor and birth.

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Birth Partner Positioning Workshop

3 Hours | $199

 Yoga Based Birth Partner Positioning (for Pregnancy and Birth) Workshop

This is a 3hr workshop for mama and her birth partner (all support partners welcome) to learn positions and movement techniques for pain management in pregnancy (hip, low back, ligament) and labor/birth (contractions). These techniques are also taught in the 6wk series. These positions are meant to be practiced throughout pregnancy to create room for baby to grow and move into ideal position for vaginal delivery. 

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Private Yoga Session

1 Hour | $99

4 Sessions | $300 ($75/hour)

One on one or small group yoga classes focused on personal needs. Recovering/healing from knee, hip, or shoulder surgery. 
Recovering/healing from loss or trauma.
Prenatal yoga for baby showers or mother blessings or baby moons. Yoga for bridal parties, or any other celebrations! 
Group Events (60 minutes) | $100 minimum, $10/person above 4 people


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Series are all offered in the comfort of our studio. For at-home options, contact Alissa directly at [email protected]