The Sounds of Healing

 Did you know that everything is made up of frequency….including you

All of life vibrates. It’s the law of nature.

Solids, liquids, and gas vibrate. Sound vibrates. Words vibrate. Thoughts vibrate. Your energy vibrates. These vibrations create waves (frequency) which intermingle and balance.

I used to be the person blaring loud music to improve my moods. In my car. At my job. While I’m at home cleaning. During all social gatherings. Lil Wayne, Tiesto, the occasional Bieber. 

The beat inspired me to move. And about 50% of the time, the lyrics seemed relatable - sort of. My vibration shifted because of the energy surrounding me. My natural inclination to follow the rhythm and dance further shifted my frequency.

All of this occurred naturally without having a clue about the power of sound. 

Fast forward-

My life is unofficially divided into many phases, but the two most prominent; before my dad died by suicide and after

Shortly after...

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