Open to Receive

Do you tend to feel rushed, depleted, overworked, achey, exhausted

Are you constantly in the hustle or striving for your desires?

Does part of you feel pride in being the one that “gets things done” but often feel under-appreciated?

Are you experiencing recurring symptoms of chronic fatigue, overuse injuries, or frequent acute illnesses like colds, sinus infections, UTIs, constipation, migraines, or flared up allergies?

If you’re raising your hand or even giving me a  “well…maybe?” to any of these, then it’s time to check in on your energetic alignment.

In my last blog about sound healing, you were introduced to the fact that everything, including you and your thoughts, are made of energy and your energy is vibrating at a frequency. Get ready to take this and your vibration to the next level.


What does it mean to be open to receive?

Let’s use a tiny piece of my story to illustrate this concept

This is my first time owning a yoga studio…

Well, 2nd if you count the one I started in a greenhouse...

Actually…3rd if you count the one that literally burned down (yet I still didn’t see that sign of misalignment)…..

4th if you count buying a building accompanied with a traumatic partnership that taught me how to advocate for myself...

Or even 5th if you count my space that Covid shut down before I ever opened, which I then used as a closet for virtual reality… 

So when I say first, I mean that this is the first time I feel worthy, grateful, and energized by owning a yoga studio. This is the first time that the instructors have organically found me. The first time I feel supported, rather than constantly putting out fires (literally 😂). The first time that, even among hardships, I fully trust without a single doubt that everything will work out.

Yes, there are plenty of things that need improvement, things that don’t go as planned, months where we have classes with only 1 student, and personal tragedies that have turned the “usual” upside-downAnd yet this time, I’ve not once felt the incapacitating stress and constant striving that I felt with all of my previous experiences.

Perspective shifts your energy. With all of my previous experiences, my desire to prove my worthiness was my driving force. And this energy I was working in was the energy of lack, distrust, and limitation

None of those experiences had the capacity for true success because the vibration was inconsistent. I could only credit successes to the amount of physical energy I could pour out. And, feeling unsupported and a need to “do it all myself,” I had a finite amount of energy to give before I was depleted.


Are you always giving?

We have this social conditioning that says, “it’s better to give than to receive.” And I’m not going to shut down age-old wisdom, but it’s time to reframe.

Giving can truly feed your soul. When you have enough or are working with abundance, offering gifts, energy, time, and support to others (or your own desires) builds you up. 

Except when it doesn’t.

Giving is a form of energy. Regardless of if it’s tangible or in the form of labor or love, giving is attached to the emotion and intention behind it. This is vital to understand. 

How many times have you felt in your entire being that you want to say "no" and somehow “yes” comes out of your mouth and you’re obligated to give your time, energy, and love to something or someone that you know will drain you? How many times have you “made the best of it” and it turned out ok? How many times have you justified this pouring out of your energy with little fulfillment?

Now how many times have you accepted or received help, a gift, support, energy, love given from an obligatory place?

What does that feel like? 🗑

Going back to the original questions of how you feel physically and mentally, let’s make some connections.

Resentment is an energy that suppresses and holds strong in your tissues. I picture this as a bright red, fiery burr buried in parts of my body. A hot spot. Emotions- especially those that are buried and collective, have strong physical manifestations and contribute to those reactive outbursts that have you saying, “Wow! Not sure why but that insignificant event made my blood boil.”

It’s not surprising that some of the kindest, most giving people struggle with road rage or complete dissatisfaction, discomfort, insomnia, or anger at work or home. You’re in your comfort zone, some of that build up needs to trickle out.

When you give from a place of “no”, no matter how much you make the best of it, your energy is truth. You feel it and the other side absorbs it too. It doesn’t feel good to receive from obligation and it doesn’t feel good to give from that either. The energy aligns to this vibration and even though the job gets done, a part is always left unsatisfied and striving for more.

On the other side, when you give from a place of “yes”- that full body knowing and complete universal alignment - that spark in your spirit that knows this is meant to happen - you also receive. And this receiving presents as genuine, no questions asked joy and love in your heart. This raises the collective vibration and refuels rather than depletes.

To tap into abundance, you have to trust. By staying aligned with your full body “yes,” you release the striving, forcing, controlling and flow into an energy of creative desire. By dissolving your conditioning of lack and limitation, you open the door to abundance.

Where do you feel limited? What are you lacking? Where are you controlling the strive with the belief you have to “do it all?” Can you consider life with an abundance of everything you desire?  

Back to my story…

My husband, Ryan, who was our sole provider after I made the decision to leave another entrepreneurial misalignment, was content in his position as a fitness manager and life felt predictable for him. Our little guy was 2 and I had stepped one foot (not fully committed) into a sublease with the intention of working my way up to a private, exclusive version of Live Unprocessed (less pressure, right? Definitely a mindset of unworthiness

Then gyms closed for over 6 months and our comfortable consistency was uprooted. When the gym was set to re-open with new guidelines, Ryan was left to make a difficult decision. Was this a yes? Logically, he needed to go back to a salaried paycheck and a “stable” job. Intuitively, this new version of “health & fitness” did not align with our beliefs or desires.

We had to trust. We had to fall into the law of abundance knowing that God & the universe would have our backs. Ryan started considering a space to go off on his own. I had zero attachment to the outcome including me. I just trusted he would find the right place to start a business and all would be ok. I suddenly felt an all-body knowing that we were worthy of using this as an opportunity for growth rather than a victimizing lack.

And abundance provided. Not only for Ryan’s desire, but also catapulted me into my desire. From a place of lack and logic, we would have said no and resentfully moved back into “familiar.” We set aside the limitations and said yes with no idea what this would look like.

We were open to receive and the gifts keep coming. And we are giving as much as receiving, in unison, in balance. And the hard has been easy. Not because it's actually easy. Because we are committed to stay in this vibration. Committed to this perspective.


So how can you start working in the energy of abundance?

One exercise I find very helpful is a meditation.

Closing your eyes, begin to notice your breath. Don’t control, just listen. Now notice any stress and strain in your body. Notice anywhere you’re grasping. Using your awareness, give yourself permission to soften your grip and gently move towards letting go.

Another idea is to consider working with someone you trust to practice the skill of receiving. Try a zero balancing session - a combination of touch therapy and energetics - or connect with a friend in partner yoga.

See if you can fully trust your friend to support you as you equally practice your well-honed skill of giving. Watch as you let go. Experience how you feel when allowing yourself to receive and to give from true alignment. From trust and worthiness. Have fun. Embrace the abundance of high frequency energy. 

And when you step back into the world, bring these lessons along and feel your energy, your health, and your desires open up and fill your heart.

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